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In the 21st century, in order for global leaders of micro-nano technologies to solve problems, they must be able to utilize interdisciplinary expertise, employ their mastery of basic mechanical sciences such as nano control engineering, nano measurement engineering, and nano-design and manufacturing as well as possess a comprehensive understanding of technology-ethics and environment-ethics. Hence, we strive to foster interdisciplinary research leaders who can play active roles in two next-generation fields, micro-nano mechatronics and the most advanced medical engineering, using education to cultivate the ability to propose and conduct original research themes to solve problems based on system integration.

We will build a sophisticated “integrated graduate school education program” by adding related subjects/laboratory training from the Graduate School, Department of Medicine to the original complex department program, which spans multiple departments within the Graduate School of Engineering, thereby ensuring specialists in the micro/nano field who have a thorough knowledge of the bio-medicine field. In addition to the lecture curriculum, we will conduct joint seminars or workshops with overseas collaborative universities, in particular the Center for Cell Control, UCLA as well as with our collaborative industry partners, to cultivate the ability to publish and propose internationally competitive research. With regard to posts within our Center and research funds for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, besides openly recruiting outstanding candidates, we intend to enhance incentives for original research. For example, we will distribute research fund depending not only on the latest short-term achievement evaluation, but also on the originality of the approach, the proposed achievements, and the potential to promote changes in the consciousness of our faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral students.

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