Bio-Medical Applications by Micro-Nano Robotics
44/85 Conventional works


This table shows the features of the open and closed chambers. In the case of the open chambers, they allow the use of probe type manipulation. The probe type manipulation is one of the important techniques for the single cell analysis because they can manipulate arbitrary single cell and change the environment of arbitrary position. However, it is difficult to avoid the environmental variation by the influence of the external environment, like evaporation of solution. In the case of the closed chambers, the influence is smaller than the open chambers. So, it is easy to maintain the environment around cells, but non contact manipulation techniques, like optical tweezers and fluid force are needed for cell manipulation. These non contact manipulation techniques have some disadvantages compared to the probe type manipulation. For example, optical tweezers can apply only pN order force to cells. It is needed to fabricate complex microchannels before experiments to manipulate the target single cell by the fluid force. So, it is desired to realize new devices which can allow the probe type manipulation with keeping the closed chambers. In this research, we propose “Semi-closed microchip” which can realize the probe type manipulation in the microchip.