On-chip Robotics for Biomedical Innovations
48/70 Repetitive Positioning Accuracy


This figure shows the evaluation of the repetitive(リペティティブ) positioning accuracy by the external magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet. The repetitive accuracy was estimated by the pixels of the displacement of probe tip. The result shows that the reduction rate was about 1/12. The standard deviation of displacement was under 1 pixel (1 pixel = 0.63 mm) and the linearity of between Manipulation distance of XY-stage and the displacement of probe tip quite high rate. Consequently we concluded that the repetitive accuracy was nanometric order and we have succeeded in nanometric order non-contact actuation of on-chip probe tip by using reduction mechanism. In this experiment, we actuated the probe in this region to avoid the dead band area. Dead band means the area where micro-tools don’t move despite the displacement of the motorized stage, when we actuated the micro-tools.