On-chip Robotics for Biomedical Innovations
47/70 Reduction Mechanism for Nanometric Positioning


The structures of on-chip probe are composed of beam (A, B), center structure, and a permanent magnet, which were assemble to the on-chip probe. Reduction mechanism utilizes magnetic force and the difference of stiffness of the beams and center structure. When the magnet is actuated by external magnetic force, Beam A is deformed delta A. This displacement is reduced by center structure and Beam B is deformed delta B in the equation. In this case, reduction rate (delta B / delta A) is shown in this equation. As you can see, the reduction rate is decided only by the rate of stiffness between Beam B and Center structure. If Beam B and Center structure are made by same material and same thickness, reduction rate depends on only the shape of the structure. Consequently, we can design and estimate the reduction rate, by designing the shape of the structure. As a first step of manipulation of the cell, we designed the on-chip probe to 100 um order cell. In this case, reduction rate was designed as approximately 1/10.